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  • Photo by: Diana Davis

Igor Shelkovsky. The city of roads

Igor Shelkovsky (born in 1937) is a nonconformist artist, one of very few Russians whose name is known on the European art stage.

This show reveals Igor Shelkovsky’s attitude to the “city” theme, representing it not just as the author’s interpretation but, as it were, a “formula of the city.” Ten objects from the artist’s workshop are 3D structures based on linear elements. The style of Igor Shelkovsky’s works links his creative oeuvre to the discoveries of Russian Avant-Garde of the early 20th century, and, consequently, to the first sections of the Tretyakov Gallery’s permanent exhibition in Krymsky Val.

The nuclear element of the art show is an architectural installation — an enlarged version of one of the ten objects. The installation is a structure inside which the visitor can walk and move through its elements. This “formula” is accessible for the visitor, just like the city is accessible to people, with all its complicated structure.

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