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  • Photo by: Diana Davis

Marcel Broodthаers. Poetry and images

This fall, Garage presented the first solo exhibition in Russia of the critically acclaimed Belgian artist Marcel Broodthaers (1924–1976).

Developed specifically for the 10th anniversary of the Museum, the exhibition reveals what the artist once described as “the place where the world of visual art and poetry may perhaps converge on the exact dividing line that absorbs both.” Presenting over eighty works, including many of the artist’s key pieces—from early objects and films to sections of the project Museum of Modern Art, Department of Eagles, as well as his last installations with palm trees, also known as décors—the show reveal how Broodthaers’ use of language and unique take on institutional critique led to a cult following among Russian artists. It also examines the potential for rethinking the values of the museum as an institution, a mission Garage has been involved in since it opened ten years ago.


Ph: Diana Davis

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