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  • Photo by: Diana Davis

The Human as a Frame for the Landscape

Pavel Pepperstein. The Human as a Frame for the Landscape.

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art presents an exhibition by Russian artist, writer, musician, and art theorist Pavel Pepperstein (b. 1966, Moscow).

The theatricalized exhibition design features a number of repeating elements, including patterns. In line with the practice of the Moscow Conceptualists, these patterns have a meaning deeper than mere “decoration.” Pepperstein believes that, in the words of Jacques Soulillou, “the purely decorative betrays a loss of roots. It has no genealogy, it is orphaned, and refers to a complete break with context.” The exhibition is driven by the playful exploration of various levels of reality, the search for magic and strange narratives in the folds of the real. It is transformed into a collection of wonderful landscapes, like the series of paintings from which the title is taken.

Ph: Diana Davis

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